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    Svensk jävla svärta
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  • Elegance and Sin.

    Music infernal, art eternal
  • I dared these waves.

    When all else had failed
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The Shadow Walkers...

For a decade Netherbird has spread its darkness, on recordings and from the stage. At home in Sweden and at concerts across Europe. Labeled black metal by some, death metal by others. By themselves never branded as anything but music. Vile, dark and painful. Music. For ten years they were here.

Now, no longer.

On 14th of November 2014 Netherbird performed in Stockholm. And after that show, 3667 days after the formation, Netherbird stepped back into the shadows. No one can tell for how long the beast will remain in obscurity. Or even if it ever will return. Chances are that it could... one day, but only when the time is right.

Only then.

Cast in Darkness


  • Hinterlands.

  • Journeyman.

  • Pillars of the Sky.

  • The Grander Voyage.

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Without light, no darkness

Without art, no beauty. Without music, no emotion. Without poetry, no meaning.