Lyrics: Nephente, Music: Bizmark

Be it storm or scorching sun
Be it rain or snow
I stand tall

Be it peace or raging wars
Be it drought or flood
I stand tall
I am the world

I’m the eternal

Fraxinus Excelsior
I tower unbreakable
Fraxinus Excelsior
I stand fast unshakable

My roots burrow deep
I stood when time began
I reach the realm of men
I stand forever past the end
I reach the abode of gods
I am the sky and land
I touch the condemned
I obliterate and I amend

Without me nothing
I am the beginning and end
Without me nothing
I am the answer to any question

Fraxinus Excelsior
I hold the sky and the stars
Fraxinus Excelsior
I am the blood-soaked earth


Mortal oaths have been sworn in my shade
And none would last...
Honour sold for gold
Kinsmen’s trust traded for glory and a song...

I do mourn
But never cry