Lyrics: Nephente, Music: Bizmark

My descendants once stormed the seas
Ashen hands held the heavens high
Harsh were their spirits then
The heirs of the windswept rye

From the towering frozen mountain
All the way down to the icy sea
Dense were my forests dark
I’m the great realm of splendid unbelief

Those of crosses, stars and moons
Onto my shores they swarmed and bled
All of them failed their gods
And to melt the frost of our kind

Like the weak cry for strength and promise
So shall the misguided lead
Only a fool to believe
And the wolves shall prey upon the blinded sheep

Pagan souls unbreached
Behold our brazen splendid fangs
I am desire, the fabled snake
The secret art
From ages past

A creed so unrelenting
Wanderers along my path
To the weary I am shade
And To the lost I am another way

Yet I am unforgiving
Relentless defence against their reign of beliefs

May it all be reviled

We’re still crossing the raging seas
Yet science now holds the empyrean sphere
Defiant for ages to come
We remain the savage frontier

Through the wisdom we are the heathen
The iron willed, culled and free
Traveling far and wide
We´re the emissaries of splendid unbelief
May all the dimed eyes be unveiled