Lyrics: Nephente, Music: Bizmark

Through the winding maze of hollow whispers
My path lies narrow but shining to me clear
A stark existence been trapped for endless ages
Yet through my visions I’ve travelled everywhere
I’ve travelled everywhere

Come dare the night my kindred
Come shed these fears of old
All restless souls who dreamt to wander freely
To navigate the oceans by radiant stars aligned
Where long lost gods speak through raging winds
To us…

On the banks of the everflow
I drank this earthen stream
Held secret from the blinded
Who never dared this dream

We rose where summers come to die
The heart of winter, the frozen hinterlands
We stem from shadows where mournful choirs sing
Our barren hinterlands, where day and night are kin

From beyond where all roads end
Where the coldest of rivers have their wells
I stand ablaze in my darkness
As I head into the night absolute

I come from where nights lasting longer
Where the frost is a heartbeat away
Where the glory of summer is fleeting
Where the fire inside is what saves you
From decay…

Pray the frost of my birthright won’t find you
I stand vigilant and true to my course
The nature’s my only superior
Blood is what nourishes all that must grow

Verse I