Lyrics: Nephente, Music: Bizmark

A brilliant dark and spiteful creed
Blessed by the kiss of Lilith
At the place where night and hell will meet
She gave birth to us the blackest breed

The darkness is our salvation now
We have all become malice in wonderland
The ghastly ones clad in deepest grief
Blacker than the black in silence we speak

The quiet defiant
The blackest breed
The silent defiant
The blackest breed
The arrogant creed
The blackest breed
Oh the blackest breed
Oh the blackest breed

With the passing of time we became the strangest
of all birds in the sky
With awakening minds we cast the chains
and we are the unbound crime
The vilest storms rage within the stillest minds
The strongest hearts beat in the quiet kind
Beware of us who always do observe
We’ll never bow before you and we were not meant to serve


With the passing of life we became the epitome of
sin and of rebellion
We are the blood, we are the sweat, the lustful zest,
the beast turned flesh

They say we are cursed.
If so by whom?
If so be it.
Then so be it.

Are we cursed for walking away from this useless world of grey?
Are we cursed for walking away from this stage and its twisted play?
Are we cursed for shunning the absurd, then so be it,
then we’re the cursed
Are we cursed for despising the misled and their lies,
then we’re proudly cursed
Proudly cursed

Blacker than the blackest black
Dark as a night without an end
Long shadows dim this void
As nightmares and horrors blend

Verse 1

The blackest breed