Boulevard Black coverart

The tracks from this single were later released as part of "The Ghost Collector" album

Boulevard Black (single) was released online in December 2006.

This was the first public release from Netherbird. The single includes "Boulevard Black" and the piano version "Boulevard Black [reprise]". Both later included on "The Ghost Collector".

1. Boulevard Black
2. Boulevard Black [reprise]

Line up
Nephente - Vocals
Grim - Guitars
Bizmark - Guitars and keyboards
Alexxx - Lead Guitar
Janne Saarenpää - Drums
Brice LeClercq - Bass
Tranquil Chaos - Piano (intro track 1)
Ivar Edding - Piano (outro track 1, 2)
Blood Orchid Choir - Choir

Recorded in various studios in Sweden during summer 2005.
Produced by PNA, co-produced by Nephente
Mastered by Dragan Tanaskovic

Artist - Marion Hermann
Photographer -
Model - Bleed For Me
Layout - Nephente


Without light, no darkness

Without art, no beauty. Without music, no emotion. Without poetry, no meaning.